Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stay Safe During Thanksgiving Weekend

With Thanksgiving weekend being one of the busiest weekends of the duning season, it's more important than ever to practice safe duning.

Last year 185,000 people visited the dunes during Thanksgiving weekend and this year the expected turnout is between 175,000 and 200,000. As always, with that large of a turnout, there is always increased chance of accidents.

Unfortunately, there has already been one report of a fatality out in Glamis, CA. It was reported that a 47 year old man from Benicia, California was fatally injured as he rode his motorcycle up Oldsmobile Hill. The CHP reports that the rider lost control of the bike by accelerating too fast, causing the bike to flip over backwards onto the rider. An investigation of the collision is pending.

The ASA board recommends observing the following while around any location where a large crowd occurs, such as the sand drags:

→ The law everywhere in the dunes is 15 mph within 50 feet of people or camp.
→ As a spectator, you must stay back a safe distance from the action.
→ Spectator lines must be at least 200 feet apart, 100 feet for the drag strip and 50 feet on each side for the required safety zone.
→ Do not narrow the distance between the spectator lines to see better. This places you in the path of the drag vehicles when they are at their highest speed.
→ Do not rely on spectator vehicles for your sole protection. Out-of-control vehicles can flip over parked vehicles.
→ Plan escape paths and always be on the alert to get out of the way of an out-of-control vehicle.
→ Keep children out of harm's way, behind barriers and as protected as possible.
→ Don't encroach into the run-out or return lanes.
→ Pay attention to your surroundings.
→ Encourage others to act as responsible spectators. Don't be afraid to ask someone to act appropriately.
→ As drivers, it is your ultimate responsibility to control speed and distance.
→ If the crowd is too close, or you can't see the end of the course ... don't launch the vehicle.
→ Keep the racing short. Competitive drags are 100 yards ... not a 1/4 mile long.
→ Use run-out area for slow down ... not for show-off.
→ Return-lane speed must also obey the 15 mph/50-foot rule.
→ Be sober. DUI laws always apply.
→ Flying starts at the drags are a recipe for disaster.
→ Responsible duners never approach a jump without a spotter.
→ Wheelies limit the driver's vehicle control.
→ Take your driving responsibilities deadly serious.
→ Respect BLM and other enforcement personnel.

With all that said, please stay safe out there and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend in the dunes!


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