Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unexploded grenade found in Dunebuggy Flats

On Saturday, November 5, 2011 the Imperial County Arson and Bomb Unit was dispatched to detonate an unexploded 40 millimeter grenade found by a camper in the Dunebuggy Flats camping area of the ISDRA. Dunebuggy Flats is also known as Gordons Well.

Even though the Imperial County Arson and Bomb Unit successfully destroyed the grenade, the camper that discovered it made one crucial and potentially deadly mistake. HE MOVED IT! Please, if you ever come across any strange object that is thought to be a UXO, don't disturb it and report it to 911 immediately. Experts also advise that you move at least 100 feet away from a potential UXO before using any cell phones or radios.

I hope that you never come across any UXO, but don't forget that the ISDRA was part of the training ground for General George S. Patton and his troops during WWII. Where do you think Patton's Valley got it's name? None the less, if you do happen to stumble upon UXO, here is some general guidance that will help you with the rules of engagement.

Recognize, Retreat, Report!

  • If you see UXO, STOP, do not move closer.
  • Do NOT transmit radio frequencies near UXO (cell phones, two-way radios, CB radios. Keep at least 100 ft. away).
  • NEVER touch, move, or disturb UXO.
  • NEVER remove anything near UXO.
  • Call 911 and report UXO. Move 100 ft. away before using cell phone or radio.
  • Avoid any area where UXO is located.

The full BLM article can be found here.

Dune smart, and be safe out there duners!



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